Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy

Benefits of PEMF

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We can introduce you to ways that you can:

  • Enhance physical vascular therapy
  • Improve the supply to organs and tissues
  • Support the healing of wounds and sports injuries
Support the immune system
  • Increase physical and mental performance

Nikola Tesla was the first person to be recognized for using electromagnetic fields as health devices. He filed a patent in the early 1900s for the Tesla coil (which was actually one of the earliest PEMF Devices.)

The devices he created were large solenoid-like wire coils that were wrapped around the patient while they stood or lied down. The large coils were energized using a 50 or 60 Hz sine wave electrical system.

Tesla’s methods for electro-therapy were originally adopted by medical professionals however within a decade electro-therapeutic devices fell out of favor with doctors. Representatives from the pharmaceutical industry worked to discredit electromagnetic therapy and brand it as “quackery”. Soon after, electrical medical devices were only considered for diagnostic purposes such as X-ray and Tesla’s advances were quickly forgotten in America.

In Russia and parts of Europe, experiments with PEMF machines continued. In 1974 it was demonstrated that a pulsed magnetic field applied across the site of a bone fracture can accelerate the healing process (Bassett et al., 1974)

Today, many popular PEMF devices are similar in dimensions to a yoga mat but are thicker to house several flat Tesla coils to produce an even electromagnetic field. A frequency generator is then used to energize the coils and create a “pulsed” electromagnetic field.

There are now a few types of PEMF Devices manufactured in Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. They are either placed on a massage table for clinical use or directly on the floor in the home. Most companies that sell PEMF Devices don’t make medical claims as to the devices’ effectiveness in treating disease. This is often to bypass the large fees and rigid criteria of medical device regulations by the FDA.

There have been with well-documented trials carried out by hospitals on pulsed electromagnetic field therapy by rheumatologists, physiotherapists and neurologists. In years past this has been a very expensive form of therapy due to extremely high costs of equipment, but that has now changed.

Is PEMF Safe?

As a non-invasive, safe and simple therapy, the PEMF therapy is widely used to treat soft injury and bone fracture and relieve pain and inflammation, as well as many other types of diseases and pathologies.

Any pain reliever, whether prescribed or over-the-counter, has potential side effects and potential negative impact on a person’s life performance. Pain relievers may cause complications with other medications or worsen a user’s other conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes because they affect the whole body, not just the targeted injured areas.

PEMF provides stunning regenerative effects because these magnetic fields result in qualitative changes within all the cells of the body.

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